Game and skills analysis AN Yeongeun (KOR)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes AN Yeongeun  (Korea):


  • good footwork
  • good consistent defending on both forehand and backhand
  • consistent pushing
  • good variety of backhand serves
  • good forehand topspin


  • generally too defensive. A bit too “old school”.
  • when defending with forehand she takes too much “swing” to chop. She won’t have enough time to do this against the better attackers since their topspins will be faster.
  • backhand defense often goes up too high.
  • too much pushing with the backhand covering 80 % of the table. Too often pushing the ball with backhand from the forehand side with out any need
  • no attacking skills on backhand shown
  • forehand topspin okay, but not consistent and not often enough used
  • backhand serves only
  • no twiddling of the bat
  • in push competitions she is “hopping” around to much without any need


  • Should learn to attack more often and more consistently
  • Should learn to twiddle the bat especially when pushing so much with backhand.
  • Especially with backhand since attackers will rely on her always pushing the ball back from her backhand side
  • Should practice greater variety of serves also with forehand
  • should learn to chop with shorter arm strong and stronger wrist impact to save time and give higher backspin to the ball
  • should try to get away from “hopping” without reason and just move where it makes sense.