Game and skills analysis Eric Adam (France)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Eric Adam , called “Le boucher” (France):

More videos including matches from ERIC and team mates can be found here:

I make a deliberate exception here for a French player  who is  playing “only” in the french second league. He is playing the closest to what I would call the ideal defender style. He is twiddling the bat and uses all rubbers on all sides to defend and to attack. I am sure that if Joo Se Hyuk or Ruwen Filus would adopt his style they would be even better. His “motivational” behaviour is somewhat weird but if you don’t take it too seriously it can also be quite entertaining.


  • Very versatile playing style
  • very good backhand topspin
  • good backhand and very good forehand defense with long pips
  • consistent pushing with both rubbers on both sides
  • nice use of long pips on forehand to push-flip the ball and put pressure on the attacker
  • good footwork
  • good forehand topspin


  • sometimes having problems with tricky servers
  • sometimes shouting about also disturbs himself
  • backhand defense sometimes goes up too high. Wrist use could be improved to prevent this.
  • not many dangereous or tricky serves


  • could use forehand topspin on pushes more often
  • increase versatility of serves

5 thoughts on “Game and skills analysis Eric Adam (France)”

  1. Hi Markus,

    I didn’t know where to write to you so i used this, sorry…

    We just discover your site. We are very keen on defensive style.
    Could you add some videos of “our friendly butcher” ?
    You’ll find some on our Youtube Channel.

    The following one is a best of :

    I think that the analysis is very good, we always say him to try to be more versatile on serves.

    Thank you for this great article !


    1. HI, thanks for the positive reply. It’s funny you send the best of link, because this was the video my analysis was based on! I just forgot to paste the link into my post. Thanks for making me aware of this. I always check to newest matches from La Garde and I quite enjoy Eric’s game. I won’t link those videos though, as only single players should be in one video. By the way, I play tabte tennis for 35 years now and also played for St.-Brieuc in Cotes-d’armor in Bretagne, but this was ages ago. If ever need is you, or Eric can also post in French, I also speak French. Good luck for the season.

  2. Hello, it’s me ! je tenais à vous remercier sincèrement pour l’intérêt que vous m’avez porté à travers votre analyse, que je partage totalement me concernant , mais plus encore l’intérêt que vous portez à ma passion : la défense.
    je rajouterais à votre analyse que l’une des clés de ce style de jeu est la variation (coupé, mou, backside, picot, attaque, défense….) mais que malheureusement on ne peut pas tout faire bien… et que les sets en 11 points nous poussent à favoriser un jeu moins riche mais mieux maîtrisé car cela va très vite…
    Merci pour tout et surtout n’hésitez pas à me contacter : je reste toujours disponible pour des passionnés.
    amicalement PING .
    Eric : le boucher !!!

    1. Salut Eric, je m’excuse pour le retard en repondant à ton courriel. Je fais ce blog en tant que “hobby” et je dois bosser des longues heures au moment 😦 Je suis très content que mon blog et mes analyses te plaisent. Il y a longtemps j’ai jouè moi-même national 2 en Allemagne, maintenant j’ai 52 ans et j’essaie de me tenir toujours en forme en jouant au Ping deux fois par semaine, je fais ègalement du footing et je prend le vélo pour aller au bureau qui est à 30 kilomêtre d’ici. Pour mon age je suis content du niveau gardé. Mon style est un peu pareil au tien mais moins solide. Malheureusement je viens rarement en France les derniers années. Si jamais tu viendrais dans la Region Berlinoise, fais signe. Peut-être on peut organiser un match amicale. Bon courage pour la saison! Amicalement Marquousse 🙂

  3. First time seeing the video and I just fall in love. I’ve always felt there’s something missing when watching Joo Sae Hyuk or the ladies. This is what I’m looking for! Thank you for sharing..

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